What is TimHaahs’ approach to sustainable design and LEED practices?

4 years ago by in Planning, Architecture & Engineering, Construction, Operations

Sustainable building involves a wide range of practices and techniques that reduce or eliminate the impacts of buildings on the environment and on human health. In 2006, buildings used 40 percent of the total energy consumed in both the US and European Union. Because the construction and operation of the built environment consumes the majority of material and energy resources, the need for more sustainable building practices is necessary to minimize the consumption of these resources. Sustainable design practices offer an opportunity to create environmentally sound and resource-efficient buildings.

TimHaahs is dedicated to utilizing sustainable design practices in all of our designs. LEED and sustainable design ideas and strategies are extremely important considerations in the design of all buildings, including parking facilities. With each project TimHaahs considers the environmental, economic, and social responsibilities to guide our clients through the complex issues involved in developing a sustainable project.

At this time, twenty five percent of TimHaahs staff are LEED Accredited Professionals, with many more actively pursuing LEED Green Associate designations. We work with our clients to implement best practices in sustainability and ‘green building’ techniques for the design of garage and mixed-use facilities. Our firm recognizes the significant impact of sustainable design and LEED on the A/E/C industry and uses both Smart Growth and LEED to develop environmentally responsible buildings.  TimHaahs is a dedicated United States Green Building Council (USGBC) member, and is currently working on a number of projects pursuing LEED certification.