How can an efficient parking design provide the opportunities to strategically allocate monies elsewhere?

4 years ago by in Functional Design

When designed properly, an efficient parking garage will incorporate as many spaces as Towson - Small
possible, on the smallest footprint size. Reducing the footprint of a parking facility can significantly reduce construction costs, particularly when considering the cost of construction materials in today’s marketplace.

Not only does an effective functional design result in the development of a more efficient, safe, and pleasant experience for others, but it will also save money that can be used for higher and better uses, such as:

  • Aesthetic architectural enhancements like metal facades, LED screens, vibrant lighting, and themed signage.
  • Pedestrian user comforts such as enhanced lobby and elevator towers designs, increased security features, and EV charging stations.
  • Additional revenue generation installations, such as mixed-use space, or even alternative energy solutions such as solar and wind generating structures.